Thursday, August 26, 2010

So, today was my "last", well not technically my last day at Mission Savvy, but just for the summer.

As I walked away, eyes full of tears, I realized how much Mission Savvy had came apart of who I am. I didn't expect to fall in love with Mission Savvy as much as I did. I came in this summer to Mission Savvy with my heart and mind open. I can't express to everyone how blessed of an individual I am. I'm so appreciative that Jennifer allowed me to be at Mission Savvy this summer and be a part of this wonderful company she is bringing to Charleston.

Jennifer has given me a completely different outlook on life, and I cannot stress enough how much I look up to her, and what a wonderful role-model she is. She is such a beautiful and inspiring individual, and everyone who meets her can't help but love her, and what she is doing. She is so much more than a boss to me now, she is a friend.

I have learned so much here at Mission Savvy, and everything that I have learned I will take on with me for the future.

So .. as I leave for school tomorrow I will remember what Jennifer told me before I left: "Make everyone more aware of eco-fashion!" So, that is what I will try my very hardest to do. To make everyone more aware of what surrounds them, and show them how the fashion industry is completely revolutionizing.

Mission Savvy- thank you for everything that you have given me this summer. You will ALWAYS be with me, and I will always love you.

xoxo Ellie

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